Friday, 6 July 2012



Meditation helps you to fully know and understand all the capacities of the mind—memory, concentration, emotion, reasoning, and intuition. Those who meditate begin to understand how to coordinate, balance, and enhance all these capabilities, using them to their fullest potential"
- Meditation and its Practice by Swami Rama

Meditation is when the mind has become still without applying any force throughout. Think about all those times when your mind has become effortlessly still. Each one of us has experienced the thoughtless state at some time or the other, maybe daily. 

The interesting fact is that meditation can even occur with thoughts. The very act of you not getting identified with your thoughts or emotions is meditation. Thoughts may be present but since you merely observe, they rise and fall according to their nature. 

There are many who have recently started to meditate in order to have a better state of mind so that their quality of life may improve. There are those who are clueless about meditation and those who think that meditation is best reserved for the old age. Some are afraid to meditate because they do not want to leave the material world. They believe that the material (especially money) and the spiritual cannot co-exist. 

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